Friday, October 7, 2011

I have no idea what day it is

Well I injured myself running. I guess it's kind of no surprise, considering I was training so much more than I am used to, and working, and doing crazy active things with my nieces. So yes, this last week I spent more time with an ice pack than the road. I was quite frustrated about this for the first few days. I went and got yet another pair of good, supportive running shoes yesterday, hoping and praying I was making the right decision for my seemingly needy feet. I took them out for a jog today, hoping to only do about 2.5 miles, making sure as to not injure or irritate my ankles and shins further. After a few strides they seemed alright, but the problem seemed to lie more in my dang feet. They were numb. And yes, I stopped several times to adjust my laces, making sure they were not too tight, and I STILL couldn't get the numbness to go away! FRUSTRATING! I just want to run! And feel confident that I will be able to cross the finish line on the 29th! Sigh... Man! But I do have to admit, it was quite nice to be lazy this week and not have to work so hard. But after a couple of days I began to really miss how much better I feel when I run... and the lack of guilt when eating m&m's that I would normally feel had I not burned a few calories. Life without exercise is a life full of guilt... because I don't have the excuse that I ran today, so I deserve those m&m's.

A great thing that I realized this week is that I have achieved three of my few goals upon starting this blog.

1) Use it as a guilt-tool to get me to exercise because I know people will wonder why I haven't blogged about it.

2) Get someone who is not a)my mom, b) one of my sisters, or c) any person I have ever met, to comment on one of my posts.

3) Find others who have been "encouraged" by my feeble efforts and begun a running career of their own. What a humbling honor to be able to encourage someone to go down the hellishly rewarding road I've been on!

Thank you, to you two or three of four people, who read this. You help me get off my butt and do something (most of the time).

Peace, love & encouraging one another

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