Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's INSANE...

... how long it has been since I've posted. I could say, "Oh but I've been working out still, so don't you worry.." but let's be honest, we all know that would be quite a stretch. I have been working out, just not as regularly as I once was. Last week began my first ever HALF MARATHON training program! *loud roars from the stands* I wrote it all out, week by week, complete with an inspirational quote on the bottom (of which I will rarely read). I truly do find inspiration from a quote on a fortune cookie I got at the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon expo. It said "Good things come slow- especially in distance running". So basically, this man has given me a reason to be ok with my slow, lazy pace. Works for me!

Another reason why blogging has been sparce is that I have been preparing for and living through the homecoming of my beloved other half. He is officially home from his tour, and I couldn't be happier! So now we are doing what we can to get back to "life as we know it", although we have never spent a solid year together in the same place... so I guess we don't even know what that "life" is supposed to look like. I don't know about him, but I'm quite excited to find out!

Today we began our Insanity program. It was tough... and by tough I basically mean insane. Yep, there's a reason why they call it that, folks. But the thing is, it's not me who is the insane one... it's all the freaks on the video! They are so dang motivated, ripped and all around tough SOB's! While they were still "going strong", I was sitting on my knees with my head on the floor, practically between my legs. Maybe that was in effort to not barf all over... or maybe it was in order to regain my ability to breath in semi long breaths. Either way, I am not even close to being "Insane", but I'd like to say that I tried. So tomorrow we will continue on schedule.

But maybe I'm a little more insane than my husband because today, after sweating my boot-ay off with some of that insanity, I bundled up and went for my Tuesday 3 mile run. Yep, you read that correctly. I did 45 minutes of at home plyometric cardio and then I went and RAN THREE MILES!


It felt AWE-SOME! I ran around our neighborhood, which can be mildly sketchy, so maybe that put a little speed in my step. Rest assured, I carried my mace with me. Thanks to my sister, I don't think I'll run without it. LISTEN UP LADIES: If you're going to run outside, BRING MACE or something to defend yourself with. I have learned from a reliable source, that pervy pervs prey on runners. Don't be stupid just because it might be an inconvenience. Just do it, ok? You can get really cheap mace at sporting goods store. I got mine at Academy Sports.

Anyways, my calves are OUT OF CONTROL right now. Way, way sore. It's pretty great!

Tomorrow is insanity and a two mile run. I'm gonna git 'er done.

Peace, love and husbands

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