Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Could It Be A Thing?

I got up again this morning and ran. Wow! We only ran about a mile and a half, so I went home and did Insanity. T'was tough, but I think that I maybe push harder when I do it 1)in the morning, and 2)by myself.

You know how I was flying high and loving myself yesterday morning for all that I had accomplished? Well, I learned a valuable lesson yesterday afternoon... if you are feeling like that, stay as far away from a scale as humanly possible. Had to see the doc yesterday and upon checking my weight for their records I shed a little tear as I felt all of my self esteem empty out of me in a matter of seconds. A wise woman told me to just stay away from the scale. If it makes me feel poorly about all that I am doing, and causes me to entertain the idea of giving up, it's not worth it.

So that is all for today. Gotta ice my shins so I'm ready to run tomorrow.

Peace, love and a world without scales

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