Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Want to Pump You Up

So I conquered my fear (sort of) and hit the free weights (kind of) today. I was able to try out running today on the treadmill, and my leg seemed to handle the ten minute warm up alright. I got to the gym about 45 minutes before it closed so I knew I didn't have much time, but since I am determined to make my arms awesome I knew I had to utilize that small window and go for the weights. Yeah, it was a little lame. What is it about boys that allows them to scare us off so easily in the lifting area of the gym? Do they know they have that power over us? Or me, for that matter? Why do they have to make us feel so lame? Well I guess that question can be asked in more realms than just exercise, but since this is an exercise blog we will not journey down that road.
So I did the chest press, then moved on to one of those lame ab machines (I hate those. They are so awkward and I'm pretty sure they don't do much for my abs), did one set and then attempted to find some sort of lat machine. I couldn't find one right away, and in order to not risk embarrassment by wandering around looking like an idiot, I held my head high and headed for the yoga room as if that had been my plan all along. I literally walked to the back, picked up a stability ball, attempted to do some tricep extensions and then I thought of this blog. I thought of how often I have the attitude of conquering your fears and insecurities and how I am trying, with all of my might, to do the things that I feel the least comfortable in, and here I was hanging out in a vacant room in order to not be seen by others. Hypocrite? Maybe just a little. So I put the equipment away and walked straight to the free weights (*GASP!*). Yes, people, I picked myself up a ten pounder (big money right here) and bent over on the bench (an exercise I HATE because I'm not the kind of girl who enjoys sticking her rear end out for all to see) and rocked three sets of tricep extensions. Bam. Then, I went over to a bench with a back rest, and did those overhead press things, rockin' the ten pounders again, and I finished her off with some bicep curls... yep, thats right, I felt like a hot body builder from the '80s pumpin' some iron... I really felt like I needed some black and hot pink spandex shorts and possibly a mullet. Anyways, after that it kind of went down hill because I attempted to go back and do some abs and such on the stability ball but couldn't. You see, I was one of those people, today, that ate a really bad ice cream bar about 30 minutes before I hit the gym. Dumb, I know. Anyways, just for your future, might I advise you, to not do that? It's one of those things I guarantee you'll regret. (I will have you know, at my husbands leading, I later went to my freezer and threw out that last ice cream bar, in order to avoid this in the future).

So there you have it, people. My sincerest gratitude to all of you, for being the motivation I needed to help me conquer my fears and pump up these guns like the big boys do (at least for today).

Peace, love & compression bras

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  1. Woot Woot!!!

    So proud!

    Ps... I hear yoga does some killer things for your arms too!