Tuesday, June 28, 2011

P is for Peace. and Pants. and Push-Ups.

Today was my "strength training" day, and I am proud to say I actually did some strength training, without any wandering around the gym involved. Score! Probably because I just stayed in the yoga room, pretty much by myself... but still, I did some pretty moderately hardcore stuff. Prior to going to the gym I was having a conversation with a friend who has had some amazing successes in changing her lifestyle and her health by becoming more active. I came away with a lot of encouragement and conviction through our time and I am excited to move forward.

Here are some things I learned today...

# One) As you all know, I usually sign off with "Peace, love  & compression bras", and today I thought a lot about peace. As a woman, I am not sure that I will ever meet the goals I set for myself if I do no learn how to have peace with what I currently have. Peace is a pretty rad thing, if you really think about it. There is personal peace, which I am sure we all hope for for ourselves and those we love. Being able to look in the mirror, despite everything and know that deep down, you not only accept what you see but you have peace about it, knowing that who you are is always changing. Then there is what we will refer to as "outward" peace. This, people, is something I have learned that quite a few individuals lack. As human beings, we have the right to affect others around us by the way we present ourselves, the way we carry ourselves, and the way we communicate to others around us. This can refer to the way we dress or simply the greeting (or lack there of) that we give to others as we pass by. I am ridiculously sad to say that I have seen and heard of people who have taken it upon themselves to disrupt others' peace about themselves by sharing their opinion about what they think of them. Does that make sense? Ok, so here's a scenario (that is completely made up, but represents what I'm dealing with here): Sally is your average woman, exercising on the elliptical at an average pace, when June hops on the machine next to her. Sally has just started working out, and has finally gotten herself to a place where she is confident enough to workout at the gym. Sally is pushing herself, and really working hard. Meanwhile, June is striding at the speed of lightening on the machine next to her. June, who has been exercising since she was in sports as a child, is very impressive in her capabilities, from an athletic standpoint. As Sally finishes up and is wiping her machine off, June leans over and says to her, "Guess you'd better stick to the couch, huh? You seem to really have a hard time with that. Thats too bad." and then puts her earphone back in and keeps striding away. Now let's be honest. Was it necessary for June to disrupt Sally's new found peace with herself just to tell her that? Not one bit. I mean, come on June! Just because it comes easily to you doesn't mean it should be a make it or break it situation for others. June, you had a chance to build Sally's personal peace by giving her a smile or chatting with her while you both "ellip-ed". What is it that stops us from encouraging one another while we are all working so hard towards the same goal? I ask this question because I had a chance to do that today and I didn't take it. There was another gal in the room with me, who was working really hard and seemed very nice. I could easily have said hello, and shared some exercises with her. Instead, I kept my "peace" to myself and opted for some Metro Station on my ipod. "L" is for Laura and LAME. And Lesson #1

# two) You really need to wear the right pants when you go to the gym. Man, have I failed at this far too many times. You'd think I would get the idea, but alas, I have not. I have a drawer (and a big one at that) F-U-L-L of "workout" clothes, and I think I have one single "bottom" with the proper functionality that I need to get the dern job done. What's the deal? Well the deal is, when I'm running, don't look when I relieve the bunch of shorts that has built up between my legs (stupid thighs). When I'm doing crunches on the BOSU, don't mind that with every crunch, a slight wedgie begins to form and I have to pause every 7 or so crunches, just in time to prevent an embarrassing situation. AND (my biggest pet peeeeeeeeeve) things such as "Chami Butter" (or other sorts of friction preventers) are unbelievably necessary when I'm running or walking long distances in shorts. Ouch.

# three) I suck at push-ups. It's just that simple. You would think, that after six months of continually doing push-ups and hovers and other chest/arm/back exercises that I would be able to pump out more than 15 girl push-ups. Well, I can't. Ok! Don't judge me. And yes, I still can't do more than two real push-ups. Geez. I guess "P" is also for pansy.

So remember, you ain't never gonna get that booty you desire, or get rid of that juice pouch until you bring a little peace into the mix. And while you're at it, help a sister or brother out and give them some props... you're both working towards the same thing anyways.

And please, please get the right kind of pants. I'm telling you... it's worth it.

PEACE, love & compression bras

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