Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Texas has not been a very good friend to me today.

Let me say, first and foremost, that there is an astronomical difference between running on a treadmill and running outside. Plain and simple. Today, that lesson was officially learned. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are now my "running" days, allowing me to spin on Tuesday and Thursday and then have the weekends off. Sweet. Well, even if you run at 9:45 in the morning, it is already upper 80's and this Minnesota girl cannot handle it. S-U-C-K. I couldn't even do a full 5k, because my heart rate wouldn't stay below 178 unless I walked. Bad news for me and my little heart. Then I went into the gym and did the lat pull down machine, because I really need to begin to strengthen my back. Afterwards I went and asked one of the trainers what another good exercise would be for my back and he told me pull ups. I thought to myself, as my eyes were huge in disbelief and uncertainty, "he can't be serious". Yep, he was. So I seriously said to him, "what if you can't do a pull up?" To which he told me to do these jumping pull ups, where you take a box that brings you to the proper height where you are able to reach the bar while standing, and then you are to proceed to jump up as high as you can, while pulling your body up, aiming to get the bar at about chest level. Can I just take a second to explain where these pull up bars are located in the gym? RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING! There would literally be people on almost every side of me, able to watch me probably die trying to do this... not to mention all of the awesome-ly hardcore Crossfit women sitting at the base of the pull up bar, having just finished an hour long workout. Not a chance, Mr. trainer dude... I'll stick to the pull up bar that my husband hung in the doorway at our house.

Another thing... sweat and electronics do not mix. I think I might have nearly ruined my ipod today.

Here is a healthy tip for making your personal fitness goals. If you are looking to make some sort of physical goal, such as fitting into certain clothes or dropping x pounds, one of the best ways to judge the appropriate range for your body to be in is to take your height, in inches, and then cut that in half. Take that number, and aim to have your waist measure that number or less. Not your hips, as most people measure, but your waist, right where you belly button is, or where your side bends when you lean to the right or left. Mine is 33", so I have about 3" to lose... and I WILL do it!

Of course, Dr. Oz showed me this... I guess he's not all that bad.

Alright, the couch is calling me, and I can't seem to ignore it.

Peace, love & air conditioning

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