Thursday, June 23, 2011

Under the Weather

Let me tell you, making your workouts partially a social event is quite a benefit on days like today. I woke up not feeling all that well today, but still managed to make it to Core Dynamics. Knowing that I had some great ladies to see when I got there was basically the only thing keeping me from talking myself into staying on the couch. But hey, we are all allowed days like that, right? So today's lesson: Make friends at the gym! It helps, big time.
On a different note, does anyone know of a good way to get rid of flabby arms? I mean, I have some killer bi's and tri's in there... it's just the lovely cushy padding I am looking to get rid of. I do biceps  and triceps regularly, and I do cardio, but alas, they seem to be changing ever. so. slowly. So any insight on that lovely topic would be appreciated.
I am not a fan of daytime talk shows, or really any show other than Bones and the Bachelorette, but I found myself watching Dr. Oz yesterday because the topic perked my interest. He was going to introduce us to the "ONE FOOD WE ALL HAVE TO GET OUT OF OUR KITCHENS"! I thought, for sure, I can't have this horrid food in my kitchen. But it turns out that it is my favorite food of all. Sugar. I watched it, and I must say, it has gotten me thinking every time I crave some Lucky Charms or a cookie. I've always known sugar is bad for you but seeing what it actually does to the body really has made me think twice. You can watch the video on, and he has a Sugar Detox Challenge, which is pretty simple, not incredibly informative, but still interesting.  I understand that every day of our lives is about making decisions that will affect our futures. I do not want myself or my husband to end up with Liver problems or high blood pressure because of our love of sugar... but at the same time I am torn because at this point in my life, if I am being honest, food is a bit of a comfort for me. So shoot me. Ohh well, one day at a time, right?
Well ladies and dudes, take your sore little hineys and hit the sheets. We can sweat this out tomorrow.

Peace, love & compression bras

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