Friday, July 1, 2011

Cupcakes and Nerves

Well tomorrow is the big day... my first ever race. Granted it is only a 5k, but I decided tonight, that I have to stop belittling the race, just because it's not a marathon or something. I've never done one before, and three miles is a significant distance for one such as myself. Either way, my week of running has been slightly disappointing, so I am just hoping to get through tomorrow with a good attitude, and not tooooo high of a heart rate.

Additionally, I made some cupcakes today, and I hate to admit that I indulged myself a little too much. I recently adorned my pantry door with a cartoon drawing of a bag of C&H sugar, knocked out in the corner of a boxing ring. I've been empowered lately with the reality that the longer I let my addiction to sugar get to me, the longer I am living my life defeated by a food that is depleting my quality of life. This cartoon accompanied me through my first two days, and now I can look at it every time I feel the desire to eat an unnecessary sweet. Well, today as I baked my cupcakes and missed my husband an extreme amount, I decided it to be the best idea to lick the batter bowl clean, and then to taste test some of the cupcakes. Dang it... stupid sugar bag won out today.

Praying for tomorrow, for the ability to push myself, mentally and physically, and for the perspective to see the victories.

Peace, love & compression bras

(& an occasional cupcake)

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