Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 11:"I Feel Hardcore"

That is the chorus to the techy tune I finished my run with tonight... and let me tell you, I felt pretty hardcore. I had settled on the idea that I would only run three miles today, because I was tired, overslept, had issues with one puggle, and felt achy while painting... so three miles sounded like plenty. But, I decided to text my girl Mel and ask her what she thought I should do. Really? Did I even have to ask? She told me to "push myself" and do more than I thought I would. "Go for 3.5". Of course, I was not surprised to read this. She's a trainer, thats what she's supposed to do. As if she would say, "Nah, I think three miles is plenty. Actually, why don't you just do 2.5... you don't want to push too hard." Pshh, yeah right!
So I ran 3.3. I could've done 4, for reals, but it was dark, and I had sweet potatoes in the oven at the house. You see, I am not a fast runner, so to commit to 3.3 miles, let alone 4, seriously hogs my time. So, with sweet potato volcanoes (my recent invention. Totally scrumptious and totally easy!) on the brain, and my mother calling on my phone, I ran back to the vehicle to head back. But I think I might have been floating, I felt so light on my feet. I was running harder and faster than I have, ever... well, ok, not ever, but consistently, not while doing an interval, and out of doors. As that song was playing, and he said he felt hardcore, I thought to myself, "you know what, dude? I feel pretty hardcore too! Yeah!" But do you want to know what is not hardcore? Not stretching. I didn't stretch last night. I hurt this morning. So, as you can guess, I'm not doing that again!

I guess you could say I experienced my first ever Runner's High, and I have to say, it is so awesome. Everything it is cracked up to be, for sure. You just feel happy. You feel proud. You feel powerful. You feel thankful. You understand your body in a way you never have before. You feel... high, haha. [Insert "like" button here]. And I actually caught myself not thinking about running... I laughed at myself. I was thinking about tattoos. That's pretty dang impressive for the almighty convincer here.

It was a good night. Now to soak my cares away and hit the sack.

Peace, love and getting high

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