Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shame Shame!

August 16th!! That's the last time I posted!? What am I, Crazy!? I'm pretty sure that would be true regardless of the last time I posted (and, coincidentally worked out... wow is that ever hard to admit. Sigh... I guess if I'm honest with myself, a lot of people haven't worked out in a lot longer than that, so I'm ok ;) ) Well I am here to tell you that my month of traveling, saying good bye to my best friend, crying over the farewell, spending time at the beach with a dear lady, and going to the ER, I am jumping back on the horse and this time I have an immediate goal in mind!!! APPLAUSE, please! I am running (Lord willing) the 10 mile Monster Dash in St. Paul, MN on October 29th (complete with a halloween costume, so suggestions are welcome! Preferably something that works for two or three people as I will more than likely have some running buddies with me)! I am quite excited and QUITE nervous, because, as you all now know, I haven't worked out in quite some time... and I wasn't even that impressive to begin with! Ha! But, with the Lord's help I know that I can give it my all... and that's really all I am aiming to do with my running... just give it all I've got.
So here is my plan, and hey, if you think it's good and could work for you, then join me these next seven weeks! It's going to be tough, but worth it! (PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!)

This first week I am planning on just getting my legs back in gear. Running two miles, or at least working up to consistently having a good 2 mile run. After that, my wonderful girl Mel will be guiding me as far as interval training and distance running each week leading up to the race. I'm also going to try to do 30 minutes of strength training on the off days (every other), so that I can build my core to help my posture or "gate" as it is apparently called.

In the past I have used an awesome app called MyFitnessPal, which also has a great, easy-to-use website that will help you track your calories and exercise. I've usually only used it for my calories, but you could do a lot more with it than that. I went ahead and input a "mock" days worth of eating, to see what out of my normal diet I could eat and still stay under 1500 calories. From there, I took those foods and wrote them out on index cards to tape to my pantry door. I usually eat pretty much the same things, so this will make it a lot easier for me than following someone else's diet (I'm picky... there, I said it!)

I have eliminated certain words from my vocabulary. Weird, you say? Yeah, well it's what works for me... and you'll figure out what works for you. But whatever it is, have someone close to you in on it, and they can catch you when you let that mean nasty word fly about your beautiful self. I bet if someone were to count how often I say my "word" it would definitely be in the double digits for sure.. and thats just in one conversation!

I am saved by grace. Jesus has saved me. I have spent the last nine years hearing of amazing stories of freedom and redemption from old sinful ways of life... God has been so unbelievably good to me in my life, through health and family and relational challenges. But after nine years, I am still bogged down by the same strongholds and lies. So, with that said, I have prepared a memory verse for each of these next seven weeks to repeat and say aloud before each run, and after. To pray in the morning, and before I go to sleep. Because I have made countless attempts to make it over this gigantic wall in my life, and I have yet to have the strength to clear it. So I am resorting to the only "fool proof" way I know of... His way. I encourage you to invite Him into the active part of your life... after all, He is the only one who really REALLY knows what your body is capable of, right?

Anyways, thats my plan... and I have to confess something to you...

As I sat here and did my research and wrote out my plan, I ate 4 tootsie rolls and a small baby box of dots.


So much shame!!!

Praise the Lord tomorrow is a NEW DAY!

(But the Dots and Tootsies are still in my pantry ahhh!)

Good luck to me, good luck to you and may the best effort win!

Peace, love and wildly achievable goals

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  1. I can take those tootsie rolls and dots off your hands if need be.