Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Nine: What Am I, An Old Lady?

So I'm sure you remember me saying that I was beginning a painting job on Monday. Well, I can sure tell that I have spent the last year "unemployed". I am not going to complain and say that it is tough... but... I really want to. Ha! First off, let me just ask all of the high-jean wearing mama's out there a question:

How do you go, day after day, wearing those horrible mom-jeans? I am pretty positive I have a rug-burn like circle on my UPPER stomach from the denim wearing against my skin. Pants are not meant to be worn that high. Not to mention the fact that, I've come to the conclusion that the jeans are to blame for some of your self-esteem issues. You get down on yourselves because you may have a hard time bending over to grab something or tie your shoes, all the while assuming that you are a)getting old, or b) getting fat when in reality it's the damn jeans cutting into your abdomen, causing you to be unable to bend as much as you probably could.

I think about this, nearly every time I have to bend down to paint the bottom of the door frame. My heart goes out to all of you. If you have any pointers for how to make the experience less horrific please let me know.

Anyways, yes, painting is a lot of work. But having said that, I am realizing that it is also a great leg workout. There is a lot of squating involved, and stepping up and down off of the step stool. I like to tell myself I am doing what the cool CrossFit girls do when they step up and down off of their big box things. But lucky for them they don't have to do it in pants that go up just under their "girls". So I'd say I just might be working harder than they are. Yeah, right. So my thighs are really sore, therefore I am making sure to stretch like a crazy person these days. It's definitely helping, Lord knows what I would be like if I weren't stretching every 10 seconds. But I am still sore. I almost don't like sitting down because I know as soon as I do that part of my body is going to start to ache.

So let me just interject here and say, in my defense, I am sore from painting AND running... I'm not THAT much of a pansy.

Anyways, I am trying to get my mom to stretch, because she is painting with me, and knowing her, she will wake up the next day and be oh so sore. I had to remind her three times yesterday to stretch. Do you think she did? Nope. I scolded her this morning. But tonight, as our soup bubbled on the stove, we proceeded to stretch on the kitchen floor. I am quite proud of her for taking nearly twenty minutes to stretch with me! We used chairs, a towel, stools... we were doing the darn thing. It might just be us, but have any of you ever noticed that you could probably stretch further if your belly weren't in the way? Yeah, I'm blaming the belly. So our stretching session ended with my mom sprawled out on the floor of the hallway, and I felt successful. I won't mention how many different "poses" it took to get her on the floor. It was almost a whole sun salutation just to get her down there. Mom, if you by chance read this, I'm sorry... don't be embarrassed!

Anyways, on to the running part.

Tonight I ran my longest distance to date. 3.5 miles. I understand that this is just slightly over a 5k, but I've always run on a treadmill, so when I hit that 3.2 mile mark, I am D-O-N-E. So running that far felt great. I sort of might have been beaming or something, because I was so proud of myself. The only problem was that at around 2.5 miles I got a pretty rad cramp in my right toes. I tried to just keep going, but eventually I had to stop, take my shoe off, and stretch my toes real good. I'm not sure what that was about, because my shoes were not too tight, and they are still in pretty good shape. And, of course, it happened on a moderately busy street, so I made sure to really stretch it like a pro. I didn't want people to think I was lame and had to stop on the side of the road. But how do you not look lame when you are standing on the side of the road with a shoe on your left foot and an orange and black tye-dyed sock on your right? Maybe I should rethink my sock choice next time.

Time to let these poor old lady muscles rest up and get all kinds of tight before I wake up tomorrow. Too bad you can't sleep stretch. That'd work out pretty well for me right about now.

Peace, love and old ladies who rock ugly jeans

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