Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day Two... and 3 & four and so on...

To the Ladies,

To the Gentle Man,

Please don't fret. I am still here... I just have a list of pretty great excuses... if you would like to hear one or all of them just inquire. I would be happy to share.

I am pleased to say that I did workout more than once this week! Wowie! Tuesday I did some strength training AT HOME (!!!!), which is exciting simply because I pretty much should never be allowed to work out at home... because I usually only end up actually doing strenuous activity for approximately five minutes and then I end up sitting on the couch, laying on the floor, or bouncing and rolling on my stability ball, whilst watching the other ladies do the exercises on tv, or singing along to whatever "motivating" music I happen to be playing. But on this particular day, the clouds parted, and God struck me with hundreds of volts of motivational electricity and I worked out. Ok, so the electricity I was struck with came in the form on a newly created playlist on, but still... it was motivation nevertheless. I created a pretty rad playlist for strength training, with some good beats to use to your advantage. I think that if you want to get your butt off of the couch, you should listen to it. It's called songs to make you work that @$&. You'll like it.

WEDNESDAY, I was lucky enough to accompany a friend of mine to Gold's Gym (for my first time... if it were the early 2000's I would totally want to buy a t-shirt as a "fashion statement", because I remember being in high school and wishing there were a Gold's in MN so I could get a t-shirt and make it look like I worked out there... I'm so glad I missed that "trend") and seeing as I had a sick puppy at home I declined the invitation to Spin with her and opted for the "Cardio Cinema" instead. Pretty neat room. It had a huge tv screen (playing the awesome hit "The Pacifier" with the greatest actor of all time, Vin Diesel), and row after row of elliptical machines and treadmills, complete with dimmed lighting, providing the perfect environment to sweat AND watch Vin Diesel. Because who hasn't wanted to do those two things simultaneously, right? I know I have. Check that off of my bucket list. Anyways, I was all ready to rock the mill and I realized that I left my water bottle outside in the car... Maybe not a big deal to some, but I don't drink water, ever, so if I want to be even slightly successful at running, I need to drink a lot of water while I do it... otherwise I suck. So yeah, you guessed it... I kinda sucked. Not as bad as it's ever been, but could've been better. But I did it. In the dark. With Vin Diesel in the room. Then afterwards, while going to throw my cleaning supplies, a little asian lady snatched my treadmill before I had a chance to grab my things. I think she was extremely confused. I also think she might have been wearing a visor in the Cinema Cardio room... if that doesn't explain a lot then I'm at a loss for words.
Beyond that I have nothing for you. My mother came into town, we explored the lovely scenery of the Hill Country, and then the next day we hit the road. I am looking forward to training in the brisk northern air... it will be a nice relief from the mean, nasty sun... but now I have to go get some "cold weather" gear... great... shopping.

You will be glad to know that, fortunately for me, I forgot my bag of Tootsies and Dots in my pantry at home. Marlene, if I could give them to you, trust me, they'd be all yours! (Ok, so I would probably snatch like five... or twelve, and shove them in my pockets before you answered the door... but don't deny that you just might do the same.)

Until tomorrow, be sure to keep it real...

Peace, love and fricken long road trips

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