Sunday, July 3, 2011

Achy, Breaky Hips

Maybe I'm older than I thought. Or maybe my hips are older than I thought. Both of these are things to consider, although extremely unlikely. I completed my very first 5k, and my reward for all of my hard work has been alternating pain in both of my hips... but at least they've been nice enough to alternate, and not both hurt at the same time. How thoughtful of you, dear sweet hips. I appreciate all that you do for me.

I'm sure you're all surprised that I did not jump on my blog, still sweaty, after completing my run, so I could tell you all about it. Call it the potato in me, but I just didn't feel like it. So I shall recall to you all the events as they played out. (Ok, not all of them because that would be a long, uneventful story).

I decided to bring Lily, my adorable little puggle baby, with me to the race to participate along side me. She was quite excited to be leaving the house with just me, and no Theodore (the other chunky puggle baby, who is much more of a potato than basically anyone else). We showed up, got all ready to go, with the ipod set, calorie counter counting, and heart rate monitor monitoring. We sang the national anthem, got ourselves ready to go, and with the shot of a gun (not really) we were off. Lily was quite freaked, I must say. For a dog that is about a foot and a half tall, all of the legs running around her was a little nightmare-ish. As we were running, she kept trying to jump up on my legs, as to express to me her fear of her surroundings. So we made our way to the outside of the bunch and kept going. By 8:00, it was already quite warm outside (Husband, dear, I am sorry to complain. I know that you are enduring significantly worse heat than I) and my hat and sunglasses weren't really doing much to keep the heat of the sun from hindering my performance. But we kept trekking along, and Lily seemed to be enjoying herself. We did have to make a couple of stops to walk (due to my lack of stamina, not hers) but we ended up completing the race in 37 minutes and 45 seconds. I have to say, the excitement of knowing that, for the first time in the 26 years of my life, I took part and completed an organized race was quite thrilling. For most people who have been involved in sports most of their lives this may seem like no big deal, but for an ever quitting couch potato such as myself, it was quite wonderful. I know my time wasn't the best it could be, and I know that I didn't run the whole entire time like I wanted to, but I completed it. And you have to start somewhere, right?

Another observation that I made is that people really, truly do end up looking like their dogs. I saw many examples of this while running and used that as a means of distraction to get through some of the long stretches.

In other news, I am participating in a 30 day yoga challenge (of which I already missed day 2... sheesh! Sorry Caitlin!). I am feeling mixed emotions about this because I know that it will be very advantageous for a cripply old lady like myself, but the process is just not as enjoyable as it should be (for the same reason). I am not flexible. My muscles are always tight. And I lose interest fast. So, with that said, this will be a really good discipline for me to exercise over these next 30 days. If you would also like to take the challenge, you can click on the banner at the top of my page to get more information.

Now off to find ways of entertaining myself on this very hot Sunday afternoon.

Peace, love & compression bras

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