Friday, July 8, 2011

Nuts? Cooky? Off The Rocker?

It's quite possible I am one or all of the above.

I have been cursing at inanimate object the past two days... and it's no coincidence that the ones I'm cursing at, let alone talking to, all have something to do with my fitness goals.

Go figure.

Yesterday as I ran on the treadmill, I purposely cranked the speed up because I knew I would only be running a mile and I wanted to challenge myself. (Please note that when I say "crank the speed up" I mean run at 5.5 as opposed to 4.7... it's truly not all that impressive.) As I approached the seven minute mark I remembered that my best mile time from Saturday's 5k was 11:55, so I thought, "hey, I can beat that. Easy." Wow... wow, wow, wow. I really had no idea how much faster I run outside compared to the treadmill. I was running and running and the seconds kept ticking by, and I found myself calling the treadmill (out loud, mind you) a "beast", because no matter how much I increased the speed, it seemed like I was only going to come in a measly 15 seconds faster than Saturday's time. Lame-O.

Then today, since I have been doing really well with eliminating excess sugars from my diet, and trying to cut out a lot of the milk and cheese that I consume, I thought it would be "interesting" to give the scale a go. You all know why I said "interesting" as opposed to "fun", "great", "encouraging" or "the best thing I could do for myself today"... because "interesting" is a safe way of admitting that a small event like this could really truly make or break the rest of your day, week or month. So yeah, I convinced myself it would be interesting. Well, today that scale was called a "MOTHER!" (I use that word a lot to substitute, well, a variety of cuss words... makes me feel unique). She didn't break the day, but she also didn't make it either. *Long, exasperated sigh* What's the deal with being a woman.

So these, my friends, are two of the many reasons why I just might be off the rocker. Or maybe I'm completely ordinary. Either way, I talk to myself, my dogs and anything that frustrates me on a regular basis.

Peace, love & trash talk

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