Saturday, July 23, 2011

Groovin' My Body

Hello, all of my Spuds, Studs and everyone in between.

I made it safely to my Northern abode. Let me tell you, it is amazing how quickly you can forget things about a place where you've spent most of your life.

It's amazingly green and lush up here.

I wanted to let you all know that I will be in no-man's land for the next five or six days, livin' it up old school, with no internet. But rest assured, I will be keeping my booty off of that couch. If you remember from my very first post, I introduced you to my metabolically gifted brother, and pain-loving sister... well they will be enjoying this little vaca with me, along with the rest of the crew (16 in all), so we are planning on getting lots of exercise and physically strenuous activities in. I'm really excited about this!

*Let me interject quick and brag about myself for a second. While spending the night in the middle of Kansas somewhere, at, what I would consider, a 2.75 star hotel, I layed a towel down on the floor and spent about 20 minutes stretching and doing some yoga postures. Yep, even on a long road trip I'm managing to do more than just sit on my behind. Props to me.

For the past few years Minnesota has decorated it's highways and freeways with billboards encouraging people to "groove their body 10 minutes, 3 times a day". So, while in MN, I will be doing as she asks... groovin' this bod as much as I can.

I will miss telling you about my ever so exciting life, but be ready for some mildly entertaining stories when I return.

Keep that booty groovin'.

Peace, love & booty shakin'

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